About Us

Short Story

My name is Elizabeth Ndungu and I am the founder of Ndungu Consulting.

I am a proud KINDNESS INCORPORATOR with 12+ years of Fortune 500 corporate experience.

 I promote a Kindness Inspired mindset at work.

I extract individual core values and passions and package them into gifts. I then align those gifts with the companies core values so as to create successful employees and companies.


Each individual that feels "seen" by their employer - gives 100% and wants the best for the company - as long as core values are merged!

Safe Working Environment


Starting off as a Server at the Courtyard Cafe to complete my journey at Marriott International as an Award winning Dual General Manager.

Without the kindness of the leaders and co-workers I came across, my life would have been miserable. This was the reason I started a KINDNESS INSPIRED mindset at work through Ndungu Consulting.

A KINDNESS INSPIRED. mindset was created to assist individuals and corporations in inspiring kindness at work. 

For companies to leave this world a better place than they found it and promote greatness at work! 


Ndungu Consulting helps driven and energetic business owners, leaders and individuals enhance the work culture to make it a happier and fun place to work.

This in turn increases profit and operating efficiencies - due to core value alignment!



Each individual I assisted in each company I worked with received individual PROMOTIONS, special projects and created a successful and profitable culture around them. 

Each project I worked on helped the company succeed by ensuring each individual extracted their core values and channeled their passions to make it fun at work.