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Kindness Inspired represents a new movement in fashion with a mission to make a positive impact in the world.

This Kindness Inspired gear helps you feel Motivated, Kind and Inspired to be yourself and to be POWERFUL!

EveryBODY feels empowered when they wear their Kindness Gear.

This KINDNESS INSPIRED gear helps with mental health awareness, spreading kindness and making a difference in this world.

Need a hug if you are having a bad day Unisex T-ShirtStart -Kindness Incorporator Short-Sleeve Unisex T-ShirtKindness- Need a hug Unisex HoodieKindness Incorporator Youth Short Sleeve T-ShirtStart- Kindness Incorporator Unisex fleece sweatpants



The Kindness Inspired Brand offers a voice for your personality. The idea that you think that; "Kindness is Powerful" or "Kindness is Attractive" - helps create a Kindness Aura around you - and opens up a world of kindness.

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Kindness Improves Relationships.

Kindness is attractive

Kindness Inspired clothing is not just for those who practice kindness; it’s also for those who benefit from the kindness of others.

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Don't take our word for it


"I am wearing my NEED A HUG sweatshirt!!!!!! people keep trying to steal my sweatshirt because they love it SO MUCH!!!!


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"Whenever I drink from the kindness mug, I FEEL KINDER and whenever I wear the kindness T-shirt I feel more even kinder and brighter 😃. #kindnessincorporator"


Life Coach of generation Y & Z | Founder & Host at BeStrong99 | LinkedIn Live Show


I AM a proud Kindness Incorporator and I am so blessed to be the kindness, especially when I don’t see it or feel it in the midst of life.


CEO & Founder - We got this! Admin | Executive Board Member of H2HB | Founder of UBUNTU.GLOBAL


I SWEAR I WEAR YOUR SWEATSHIRT ALL THE TIME, it's basically my wardrobe for the top half of me.


Award Winning Livestream Producer & Show Creator | Co-Host, Showing Up: Perspectives On Cancer | Co-Host, The Tim & Jim Show | 15 Year Leukemia Cancer Survivor


Everyone should practice kindness. Kindness encourages healing! These shirts are so super soft and stretchy, super comfy. Love the fitted style too


#RemoteProducer 🦾 #DiversityAdvocate 🧠 #MentalHealth 🎤 #MayhemMaker 🎀 #ContentCreator 👄#Speaker Poet ✈ FOUNDER OF SILVER FOX TALKS


"I feel kinder already! And no longer thirsty. 🎉😎

Love my Kindness Inspired water bottle"

Emily Harman

🎯 Empowering Life Coach |💡 Keynote Speaker 🎤Best Selling Author 📚|| FOUNDER AND CEO OF Emily Harman Coaching and counselling